Regents Park League one | Team Colours
Prem Home Away
Queens College Blue and White Stripes Red
EA Galaxy Blue and black White
Brixton FC Dark Blue White
EFM White  Red
West Gam White  Green
FC Twente White  Black
Dognayke FC Pink Black
On a Leverkusen Maroon  
RPR FC Red White
Eagles FC Red  
Champ Home Away
MGA London Green White
FC Samba Blue Yellow
Strokers FC Navy Blue  
AFC Brudnell Social Club Maroon Dark Green
Wildwood Rangers Burgundy  
London Monstars Pink Yellow
Saffron Walden Red and Black Stripes  
Camden United Red  
Tiki Tekkers FC Red  
Clerkenwell Corinthians Red Yellow
League 1 Home Away
Bury Pink  
Young Man FC Red and White Stripes  
AFC Penguino White  
Kashima Antlers Yellow  
Pentoville Panthers Green  
Madges Dream Team Navy Blue  
Gol Di Grosso Blue  
AFC Halifax Blue and White  
Team France Blue  
Thornbury FC Royal Blue White