Regents Park League one | Terms, Conditions and venue

11 A SIDE LEAGUE RULES ( Regents Park and city)


30 teams, 2 divisions of 10 and 1 team of 9

After the first round of 10 games the top 2 of the championship /league one are promoted and the bottom 2 of the premiership /championship are relegated.



As you all know we have 3 venues:

The Hub, Regents Park (same venue as last year). Changing and showers and provided for both home and away teams.

Kick offs: 1030am and 2pm. 

White City Tiger turf, Burlington Danes Academy, Enter through Du Cane road, W12 0EA (3G venue same as last year)

Kick offs 10am,1145am; 130pm, 315pm


Clapham Common, SW4 9DE. Own nets and flags needed.

Kick offs: 2pm. 


Harris Academy Bermondsey - 4G pitch.

Southwark Park road, SE16 3TZ

12pm and 2pm games


Teams at Regents Park

All teams must bring at least one quality football (not Sandico) 

When you arrive please see whiteboard at the Hub RECEPTION and make your way to the appropriate changing area. Once changed the home team should collect nets and flags from reception and take them down to the pitch. This is denoted by the left hand side on the fixture list on the website. 

Both home teams and away teams bring your own pegs.. home teams may need to leave a £20 deposit for nets at reception, WHICH YOU CAN RECLAIM

Away teams must ensure there is no kit clash. Shown by the Kit colours on the league webpage, if there is a clash they must come in a different colour otherwise there is a £20 fine!

Home team must return nets and flags to reception and reclaim their depsosit.

Please note as all teams play each other once you may be the home team more than 5 times, please accept this is just how the fixtures have been broken down.


Teams at White city tiger turf or Harris Bermondsey

All teams must bring at least one quality football (not Sandico) 

This pitch is 3G, you can go straight to the changing and shower area and come out in time for kick off. There are no nets and flags to set up. No metal studs are allowed. NO METAL STUDS ALLOWED!


Teams at clapham common

All teams must bring at least one quality football (not Sandico) 

please report to REFEREE ON pitch. We will be on pitch 5 and 6. NO CHANGING IS PROVIDED!

No changing Provided. Home and Away teams to set up their own nets. Away teams denoted on left of the website ust check kit clashes, home team MUST ALWAYS BRING THE NETS. Teams must bring their own pegs or cable ties to tie the goals. 



Leagues fines, Match fees and behaviour

Fines will be imposed for the following:

If a team is more than 10 minutes late this will cost the team £10, 20 minutes- £20 and 1-0 defecit, 30 minutes forfeit AND LOSS OF DEPOSIT. Please note time stated on fixtures lists is the time all teams need to be ON PITCH ready to kick off.

If a team is a player or more short and they can borrow players at the discretion of the opposition, if not they will have to play with who they have but if this happens on more than 1 occasion a £20 fine is imposed.

If a team behaves poorly i.e. initiates a fight or is disrespectful to the opposition/referee using persistent foul lounge a fine of up to £100 is imposed and the team may be removed from the league.

If a player is red carded a ban will be imposed based on the incident. Please note the ban could be higher for more serious offences. A fine of £20 applies for a red card and £10 for yellow cards. These must be paid along side match fees the following week

Fines are noted down and paid the following week

Fines of £10 are incurred if a team fails to pay by Thursday 530pm (2 days prior to kick off)

Sin Bins will result in a £5 fine  Sin bins mean the player can be sent off for any given period of time at a position outside the pitch wherever the referee sees fit.

Due to changes at regents park and their cancellation policy it has now become imperative that cancellations come in 14 days in advance. The appropriate notice of cancellation must be provided or their deposit is lost. The team will then need to “top up” their deposit if they wish to continue. Please note we will be lenient where we can but we have to pay for pitches regardless and regents park have a very annoying and strange policy.


Subs are roll on roll off. If a player has rolled off and been substituted they can come back on later in the game.


What teams need to bring to games

11 players minimum

Pegs at regents park / clapham common / deposits 

Match fees should have already been paid by Thursday 530pm but in the unlikely event it hasnt the fine along with match fees will need to be brought. NOT CASH (UNLESS we have asked)!

Appropriate kit. (Shin pads are not a must but advised). Away kit if you are the away team AND clashing.

Both teams to bring, 1 football each (match ball)

It is important to understand that all injuries sustained are the responsibility of the team. Teams cannot hold the venue/11 a liable for injuries sustained during normal game play. In the event pitches are not playable teams will be informed.


Match fees of £125/team/game are made payable as follows:

Call in on 020 3589 6019 Thursday before 530pm. Payment is then taken by debit or credit card.

By Bacs made payable to playfiveaside ltd, 10015167, 600264. This is the preferred method and once transferred do send us a txt.

Please guys do not make us chase money .Money must be paid off by  if there are delays in payments £10 penalties will be imposed for late payments.

Those teams with preferences will pay £140- £160/game


If you have any questions please do get in touch with us.

Kind Regards


+44(0) 20 3589 6019